With what good method can you depilate permanently

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is to use the hair removal instrument to send out a strong pulse beam to act on the root of hair follicle, and use its instantaneous blasting thermal energy to destroy the activity of hair follicle, so as to make the hair no longer grow and achieve a permanent hair removal effect. Because the laser has strong photothermal selectivity, the laser with specific wavelength can only be absorbed by the corresponding pigment cells. Therefore, there is no damage to the surrounding normal skin. It is a safe and fast method.

Laser hair removal is to set safe and effective light wave wavelength and energy according to the patient’s skin characteristics, hair characteristics and hair removal parts to track the dark brown hair follicles and vaporize the hair nipples to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Laser light can transfer energy to dozens or more hair follicles at one time, wither the hair follicles and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

Because the hair itself is divided into three stages: primary stage, growth stage and mature stage, the treatment can be really effective only in the primary stage. Therefore, the effectiveness of the first time is about 50%, the second time is about 70%, and the third time is about 90%, with an interval of about 4 weeks. Satisfactory results can be obtained about three times.