Which is better, laser depilation or freezing point depilation? How to depilate most thoroughly

1、 Is laser hair removal good or freezing point hair removal good

Nowadays, many women have been particularly confused about their excess hair. Depilation can make women more confident. Therefore, more and more people use depilation to make themselves brighter. Many women want to remove it by various methods as soon as possible. So, which is better, laser hair removal or freezing point hair removal? Let’s get to know

  1. Compared with laser hair removal, freezing point hair removal reduces the heat energy of single irradiation and increases the irradiation frequency. It not only speeds up the hair removal speed by 5 times compared with traditional laser hair removal, but also reduces the heat borne by the skin.
  2. Freezing point depilation adopts large spot laser during treatment, which reduces the pressure felt on the skin surface; Maintain 4 ° C sapphire contact cooling operation, cool the skin while depilating, avoid redness, swelling and burns, and let the beauty seeker have no pain.
  3. Freezing point depilation not only solves the problem of pain and long time of previous laser surgery, but also the instantly increased heat energy during treatment can also promote the activity of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin dermis, stimulate their redistribution, and make the skin more compact and elastic.
  4. Freezing point depilation takes about 3-4 times to achieve the effect of permanent depilation. Each treatment interval is 6-8 weeks. The care after depilation is very simple. As long as you avoid washing on the day of treatment and pay attention to sunscreen within two weeks.