What method is there to depilate_ What should you pay attention to after depilation

As long as women love beauty, they don’t want their hair to affect their image, so various hair removal methods came into being. Nowadays, there are many methods of depilation. What are the methods of depilation? Today Xiaobian will tell you how to depilate.

What method is there to depilate?

  1. Shaving with razor

It can be said that most women most often use the method of knife scraping, and the most commonly used are people who are afraid of pain and have sensitive skin. However, not all human body parts are suitable for hair removal in this way. The most commonly used parts are short hair on the face, arms and legs. This hair removal method is also very simple. You only need to develop the habit of shaving every day. Experts remind people who use this method of hair removal to shave in two or three days, otherwise they will grow a layer of black hawthorn, which is very unsightly. At the same time, pay special attention. If you are afraid of pain but pay attention to the image, you might as well use this method frequently in your daily life to keep your skin clean.

When using this method, we should also pay attention to some side effects. The section of the hair tip shaved with a razor is mostly flat, which is why hair regeneration appears thicker when it grows. Moreover, if the operation is not skilled, it may scratch the pores and damage the tender skin, resulting in skin damage.

  1. Depilatory cream

A variety of depilatory creams are also popular with women. The reason why this depilatory product can depilate is mainly to use the chemicals to achieve the purpose of depilation. No matter what brand of depilatory cream, it contains hydrophobic acetic acid, which is the main component of all depilatory creams. Because this ingredient usually does not have much impact on human health, it is so reused. Depilatory cream is more suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not easy to be allergic. The most commonly used parts are armpits and limbs. However, experts also remind that before using hair removal cream, no matter whether you have experience of skin allergy or not, you must first do patch test to avoid allergy and other phenomena.

What method is there to depilate_ What should you pay attention to after depilation

Depilation cream is mainly used for all kinds of fine and soft body hair, and the depilation effect is very significant. Generally, a large area of hair can be quickly removed in the shortest time after application, and the various components contained in the depilation cream will not cause anyone damage to the hair follicle, so the effect does not last for a long time.

  1. Apply cloth for hair removal

The hair removal method of sticking cloth is also the most commonly used hair removal method for women in their daily life, especially suitable for all kinds of temporary parties and travel. Because this method can work in the shortest time, not only that, but also there is no unpleasant smell of chemicals. And the method is very simple, so it won’t affect your party and play. When depilating, you only need to cut the cloth according to the size of the required part, stick it on the required part, rub it for a period of time, and then tear it off quickly after a little fever. Because this method has the characteristics of light, convenient and short time, it is very popular with women.

The hair re grown by this depilation method is usually thinner than that grown by other methods, but although this method is more effective, the action must be fast when tearing down, otherwise it will be very painful in the process of tearing, which is the so-called long pain is better than short pain.

  1. Beeswax

It can be said that honey wax depilation is the most popular depilation method in recent years. It mainly uses sticky honey wax to stick body hair, so as to achieve the purpose of depilation. The most commonly used body parts of this hair removal method are arms, legs, armpits, etc. the body hair of these parts can be quickly removed under the action of honey wax. When using, it is most necessary to apply the wax evenly on the skin. At this time, the honey wax will stick closely to the skin. In this case, as long as it is quickly torn off, it can play a rapid and effective hair removal role. And the way of wax depilation is based on thorough depilation, which can not only remove hair, but also pull out hair follicles at the same time, so the effect will be longer.

Using this method, you can usually remove a large piece of hair at a time, even if the hair grows again is relatively thin. However, it also has certain side effects. Chemically synthesized beeswax is easy to cause irritation to the skin.

These are the most commonly used and effective hair removal methods in daily life. Some people will use laser, but no matter what method, we must first pay attention to health.

Definition of depilation

Body hair is too long or too thick, which will affect the beauty. In particular, some women have thick hair on their lips, which looks like a beard, which seriously affects the appearance and image of women. Depilation refers to the removal of hair from armpits, legs, hands and other parts through depilation technology and products to achieve a clean and beautiful effect.

Depilation cycle

Because the hair growth cycle has three stages: growth period, resting period and degenerative period. The best effect can be achieved only by freezing point depilation during the growth period. During the growth period, the pigment particles produced in the hair follicle can fully absorb the thermal energy under the external action. At this time, the hair follicle is the most vulnerable, and the effect of depilation must be the best. The treatment times are also related to the hair density, color and the proportion of non growing hair follicles in the treatment area. Generally, obvious effects can be seen at one time. It can not only permanently remove the excess hair on the limbs, armpits, chest back hair, bikini line and other body parts, but also make the skin smooth and delicate and easy to dress; And it is very suitable for modifying the contour of the hairline and the shape of the beard. It is fresh and beautiful, so casual and relaxed.

Precautions after depilation

Precautions after depilation: do a good job in soothing the skin

Post depilation care: no matter what depilation method you use, it will damage the skin to a certain extent, so you must soothe the skin. You can use clean water to clean up the skin, and then use anti allergy moisturizing spray to ease the skin, not only can ease the calm skin, but also can add moisture to the skin.

Precautions after depilation: keep skin tender and moist at all times

Post depilation care: after depilation, the skin is easy to become dry, not to mention in autumn, so the moisturizing work should be carried out continuously. Because the skin is fragile after depilation, however, the selection of moisturizing products should be very careful. Try to choose natural ingredients, anti allergy formula and clear and soft moisturizer.

Precautions after depilation: avoid direct sunlight

Post depilation care: after depilation, the skin is prohibited from contacting the sun. Ultraviolet light can directly damage the hair follicle for the second time. It is difficult to produce melanin and lead to garbage precipitation, so small black spots will grow out. Although you need sunscreen, you must not use sunscreen. Try to stay indoors and use some physical sunscreen methods.

Precautions after depilation: it is forbidden to use whitening products

Post depilation care: after depilation, the skin is very fragile. Try not to use too many skin care products. Many mm like to use sunscreen. In fact, this doesn’t work. If you want to whiten your skin, there are many ways. Choose some pure natural whitening methods, such as white vinegar whitening method. Add a small amount of white vinegar when bathing. After soaking, it can play a natural and safe whitening effect and inhibit the growth of hair.

Precautions after depilation: avoid spicy food and keep the diet light

Care after hair removal: pay attention to diet after hair removal. Try to eat some light food and avoid spicy food. You can’t eat some allergic food, such as seafood. Eat more fruits, supplement needed vitamins, improve resistance and reduce pigment precipitation.