What harm does laser depilation have to the skin? What side effects does laser hair removal have?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that many women will choose. It mainly uses the heat energy of hair pulse to penetrate under the hair follicle to slow down the growth rate of hair. The effect of laser hair removal is better, so it is very popular. However, because it destroys the regeneration function of hair follicles, many people worry that it will be more harmful to the human body. Will laser hair removal be harmful to the human body?

What harm does laser depilation have to the skin? What side effects does laser hair removal have? [figure]

  1. Is laser depilation harmful to the skin

Laser hair removal is one of the most lasting hair removal techniques. However, it should be known that although it can remove excess hair, laser hair removal will also cause some adverse effects on the skin. For example, temporary redness and swelling are common. In addition, it will occasionally cause serious side effects such as scarring and skin discoloration.

  1. Redness and swelling caused by laser hair removal

Redness and swelling is the most common side effect of laser hair removal, which is often accompanied by tenderness or pain. These reactions can be relieved with painkillers or cold compresses under the guidance of doctors, and normally, the swelling can disappear by itself in a few days without much worry.

  1. The skin is more sensitive after laser hair removal

Almost all people who use laser to remove body hair will increase their skin’s sensitivity to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, experts suggest that people who have just finished laser hair removal should avoid exposure to the sun for a few days to prevent skin injury. After a period of time, it is also necessary to use high-efficiency sunscreen.

  1. Blister burn caused by laser hair removal

Laser hair removal may also cause blisters and burns, but it is less common. These problems are more common in dark skin. Blisters and blisters can also occur when the laser treatment time is too long. These side effects are more serious because they can lead to infection or permanent scars.

What harm does laser depilation have to the skin? What side effects does laser hair removal have? [figure]

  1. Laser hair removal may cause scars

Although scars are not a common effect of laser hair removal, they occur occasionally. When the blister cracks and the underlying skin is damaged, it is possible to develop into a permanent scar. Usually, this side effect is often caused by inexperienced technicians.

  1. Skin discoloration caused by laser hair removal

Skin discoloration is another common side effect of laser hair removal. When the skin color of one part becomes darker than that of normal skin, it is hyperpigmentation. Like blisters, this happens to people with dark skin color. This is mainly related to the destruction of hair follicle melanin in the process of laser hair removal. Melanin is also responsible for producing skin pigment, and the more melanin, the darker the skin color. When melanin is removed, the skin color will fade.

  1. How to avoid the harm of laser depilation to the skin

If you want to avoid the damage of laser hair removal to the skin as much as possible, the first thing is to choose a regular hospital for laser hair removal surgery, and let experienced doctors formulate feasible hair removal schemes according to their own conditions, followed by postoperative scientific nursing.

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