Laser hair removal therapy_ Laser hair removal can last for a long time

In winter, it is not only suitable for eating hot pot, but also suitable for the stable and proper implementation of laser hair removal. Oh, like this, you don’t need to remove hair in summer. You can wear suspenders recklessly.

Laser hair removal therapy_ Laser hair removal can last for a long time

Laser hair removal cannot remove hair for a long time. Due to the periodicity of hair growth and development, several operations must be performed. After several irradiation, the effect of long-term delay in hair regrowth can be achieved.

The parts of the body that beauty lovers desire to remove hair are also very different. If you want to understand more, please read the following text. What is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is to damage hair follicles by laser or light, and then remove hair for a long time. Its principle is to use the pigment in hair follicles to absorb light of a certain wavelength, and then heat. When the heat energy reaches a certain degree, the hair follicles can be burned. It applies the selective photothermal concept of laser.

How many times does laser hair removal take? In fact, the hair removal effect can be found by using laser hair removal once, but because the hair follicle has the function of self recovery, it basically needs to be done about three to five times in order to achieve an ideal and long-term hair removal effect. Naturally, if the thicker the hair, or the thicker the hair, or the wider the area of the hair, the more operations will be required.

After three to five times, the hair in the hair removal area will change more fine and soft, and the color will not be so bright Black, not so dense Thick can achieve the effect that is not clear in the communication distance. However, if the beauty seeker finds that the hair in this position wants further surgery, he can also perform subsequent surgery for a certain period of time according to the situation of the beauty seeker after the successful completion of a course of treatment, until the beauty seeker is more satisfied with his hair removal part.

The partition period of hair surgery is basically about 4-8 weeks, because it is necessary to let fresh hair develop before the second operation can be carried out. At present, the maintenance period of laser hair removal has been introduced in detail to beauty lovers, hoping to help every beauty lover.

As long as laser hair removal works well with the therapist, it is impossible to produce adverse reactions. Basically, laser hair removal is impossible to produce any kind of adverse reactions.

Because of this, beauty lovers can safely choose laser hair removal. Another suggestion is that beauty lovers must go to professional plastic and cosmetic institutions to avoid accidents.

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