Laser hair removal cosmetic surgery can last for several years

I believe many people have tried hair removal cream. Although it can remove hair, it is not thorough enough. Secondly, there is a chance of skin allergy. Therefore, can the fashionable laser hair removal and beauty surgery be effective forever? Laser hair removal and beauty surgery once can not remove hair forever. Due to the long development cycle of hair, several operations should be performed. After several irradiation, the result of permanent delay of hair regeneration can be achieved. In the following, I will analyze the number of times you should generally need to remove hair forever.

Laser hair removal cosmetic surgery_ Laser hair removal cosmetic surgery can last for several years

What is laser hair removal cosmetic surgery? Laser hair removal cosmetic surgery is to damage hair follicles by laser or light, and then remove hair forever. Its principle is to inhale a certain wavelength of light according to the pigment in hair follicles, and then form heat. When the heat energy reaches a certain degree, the hair follicles can be burned. It uses the selective photothermal principle of laser.

How many times should laser hair removal cosmetic surgery need? To be honest, the results of hair removal can be seen at one time after laser hair removal and cosmetic surgery. However, because the hair follicle has the function of self recovery, it should be done about three to five times to achieve ideal and long-term hair removal results.

Of course, if the hair of the beauty seeker is thicker, or the hair is thicker and harder, or the hair area is wider, the number of operations required will be better. Generally speaking, after three to five times, the hair in the place where the hair is removed will become thinner and softer, the color is not so black, and the density is not so thick. It can reach the results that are not clear in the communication distance. However, if the beauty seeker thinks that the hair in this place needs further surgery, it can also be after the end of a treatment process, Then, according to the situation of the beauty seeker, follow-up surgery will be carried out at a certain distance until the beauty seeker is more satisfied with his own hair removal place.

Generally speaking, the distance and time of each hair removal operation are about 4-8 weeks. Because fresh hair should be developed before another operation can be carried out. To sum up, you can know that laser hair removal and plastic surgery can be effective for a long time. As long as laser hair removal and plastic surgery works well with the operator, there will be no reaction sequelae. Generally speaking, laser hair removal and plastic surgery will not have any reaction sequelae.

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