Effect and times of color light depilation

In life, some beauty lovers have more hair on their skin, which seems to affect their personal image, so they usually choose to remove it by surgery. Color light depilation is a common depilation operation. This operation is a minimally invasive operation with little damage to the skin and remarkable effect. Let’s see if the effect of surgery is really long-term?

Effect and times of color light depilation

(1) Color light long-term hair removal effect:

Color light depilation uses intense pulsed light to act on the hair area, and uses the photothermal effect to destroy the subcutaneous hair follicle cells and make them lose their vitality, so as to achieve the effect of depilation. After the operation, the hair on the skin of beauty lovers will be effectively removed, and the skin will become smooth, delicate, tight and elastic. The effect looks more natural, but the effect can not be really maintained for a long time, because some damaged hair will grow new hair, It’s usually as soft as a baby’s hair, but it’s not so obvious.

(2) Times of color light depilation:

Because human hair is divided into growth stage, quiescent stage and degenerative stage, it usually needs about 3-5 color light depilation operations. If only one operation is performed, it will only affect the hair follicles in the growth stage, and has no effect on the hair follicles in the degenerative and quiescent stages. It takes about 1-3 months for hair follicle growth in degenerative and quiescent periods to turn into growth period. At this time, surgery will be effective. Generally, surgery is performed every other month or so. From the perspective of personal hair growth rate, if the hair of beauty lovers grows faster, the interval between two operations will be shorter.

(3) People with color light hair removal taboo:

There are some taboo groups in color light hair removal surgery. For example, people whose skin is exposed to sunlight for a month is not suitable for surgery because this condition is easy to cause skin pigmentation. Pregnant women, lactating women and menstrual women are also forbidden to do this operation. In addition, people with diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease and other diseases can not operate.

The effect of color light depilation is relatively good. People who love beauty have had a lot of hair, so they can choose to go to a regular plastic surgery institution to do this hair removal operation. However, before the operation, we should carefully communicate with the doctor, have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the operation, and ensure that all aspects of our state are suitable for the operation, so as to avoid some unnecessary risks.