Does laser hair remover have side effects

Many people choose to buy a household hair remover for convenience and to save money. However, the effect of household hair remover is not comparable to that in the hospital. The power and effect are far from comparable. Is there any side effect of hair remover? Let’s have a look today!

Does laser hair remover have side effects

  1. There may be slight redness or local edema. Because everyone’s constitution is different, there will be slight redness or local edema after use. During the process of laser hair removal, the hair removal instrument will produce great light intensity. At this time, fever is the inevitable result, but this situation will generally disappear after a few hours.
  2. There may be blisters and other hazards. If the laser hair remover is improperly used, it is easy to burn the skin and produce blisters and other adverse side effects. Therefore, we’d better choose to go to a regular hospital for treatment.
  3. It is likely to cause white spots and black spots. The laser hair removal instrument is only applicable to patients with Trichoderma and people with light skin color. If the skin color is dark, the light source generated by the laser hair removal instrument will destroy the skin pigment, resulting in white spots or black spots. Therefore, people with deep skin color must choose this treatment method carefully.

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Preparation before using laser hair remover?

  1. First, observe your skin color. If your skin color is too dark, it is not suitable to use laser hair removal, but the skin color of general Asians can use laser hair removal instrument.
  2. If there is no problem with the skin color, you need to shave off the hair. Note that you can’t use a hair puller or hair remover. If you use it, you need to wait two weeks before using the laser hair remover.
  3. After shaving, please wipe the skin clean. Do not apply any cream or gel before using laser hair removal device.
  4. According to my personal experience, the most suitable preparation is to shave the hair with a dry and wet shaver when taking a bath, and then dry the body after taking a bath, and then you can start using the laser hair remover.

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