Can pregnant women have laser hair removal?

Lesbian Fangmei is comprehensive. Some women with strong body hair will solve their troubles through hair removal. There are many ways of hair removal, including hair removal cream, razor and laser hair removal. Among them, laser hair removal can basically completely relieve the troubles of strong hair, so it is widely used. However, laser hair removal should pay attention to many matters. Can pregnant women have laser hair removal?

Can pregnant women have laser hair removal? Can pregnant women have laser hair removal?

  1. Can pregnant women have laser hair removal

Pregnant women had better not have laser hair removal.

Although laser hair removal will not affect pregnant women and fetuses in theory, because the hormone secretion level of pregnant women will change greatly during pregnancy, laser hair removal can be completed many times. If doctors can not accurately grasp the operation, and pregnant women can still have some complications due to tension during operation or other unpredictable factors, There is also the possibility of abortion.

  1. Pregnant women had better not have hair removal

Not only laser hair removal, but also hair removal methods such as hair removal agent, photon hair removal, freezing point hair removal and so on. Pregnant women should not carry out hair removal. The chemical components contained in hair removal agent will penetrate through the skin, while photon hair removal and freezing point hair removal contain certain radiation, which will affect the normal development of the fetus. Pregnant women should not carry out hair removal.

  1. Pregnant women can use a razor to remove their hair

If pregnant women must remove armpit hair, they can use a special razor. This method is relatively safe, but it can not effectively eradicate axillary hair. In addition, when using the razor, be careful not to break the skin.

  1. When can laser depilate

Generally, we believe that laser hair removal can be accepted at any time except during pregnancy.

Laser hair removal will not damage the epidermis and leave scars. There is only slight pain during treatment. After treatment, the skin has little impact. You can contact water, take a bath as usual, live and work as usual. However, it should be noted that the hair removal part should pay attention to sunscreen half a month after laser hair removal.

  1. Can you get pregnant after laser depilation

You can get pregnant immediately after laser hair removal. Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles and prevents hair growth through light. To be exact, black hair follicles have strong heat and light absorption. They burn hair follicles. This is a physical reaction, not a chemical reaction, and will not affect pregnancy.

  1. Harm of laser hair removal
  2. Laser hair removal needs to be repeated

The damage of laser hair removal to hair follicles is slow and limited. In order to achieve real permanent hair removal, laser hair removal needs to be repeated many times. In addition, some people still have hair growing after laser hair removal, but the color becomes lighter and thinner.

  1. There was pain during the operation

In the process of laser hair removal surgery, because the laser directly stimulates and destroys the hair follicle, and there are more sensory nerves near the hair follicle, there will be a certain sense of pain in the process of surgery. However, it should be noted that this pain should be similar to acupuncture. If the pain is severe and sharp, communicate with the doctor in time.

  1. May affect normal perspiration

Theoretically, laser hair removal will not affect the physiological function of the skin. However, if the doctors who perform laser hair removal surgery have limited experience or the equipment and environment of the hospital are not good, the operation may fail, damage the skin sweat glands and affect the normal perspiration.

  1. May cause dry allergies

After laser hair removal surgery, if the care is improper, especially if there is no effective sunscreen for the hair removal part, it is likely to stimulate the skin, resulting in pain, dryness, scaling and even allergy, which is easy to darken the skin. General surgery can be applied under the guidance of doctors to apply sunscreen lotion to prevent sunburn, avoid direct sunlight, hair removal sites and so on.

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