Can depilation cream depilate permanently? Can depilation cream depilate permanently?

In summer, we have to show our arms and legs when we wear clothes, but too heavy body hair is a very troublesome thing, especially depilation needs to be taken off frequently, so many girls always hope to have some way to depilate permanently at one time. There are many methods of depilation. Some people ask, can depilation cream depilate permanently?

  1. No permanent depilation

Depilatory cream can not depilate permanently, because the principle of depilatory cream depilation is to soften the body hair with some chemicals and then dissolve it, so that all the hair is broken. Therefore, depilatory cream removes the sweat on the surface of the skin and will not remove the whole hair in the hair follicle, so it can not depilate permanently. Of course, it does not mean that removing the whole hair in the hair follicle can permanently depilate. Permanent depilation generally requires some medical measures, which is also more harmful to the skin.