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Why can photon depilation depilate

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Photon depilation: photon depilation technology adopts the principle of selective light (wide spectrum technology) pyrolysis of patented strong pulse light source to provide a soft and non interventional treatment. It uses the absorption of melanin cells in hair follicles to…

Benefits of freezing point depilation

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Freezing point hair removal technology is painless and faster This is mainly due to the new “freezing point painless hair removal” system, the laser adjusts the photon head contacting the skin end, and further upgrades the square hair removal spot,…

Freezing point depilation

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Freezing point depilation is also a popular permanent depilation method at present. It adopts 810nm semiconductor laser of laser depilation gold standard. Through specially designed double pulse laser, it only irradiates the skin with low energy density, heats the skin…